Welcome to A Cat’s Holiday Home, a family-owned and operated sanctuary for your beloved feline friends, now celebrating its 40th year with a fresh and dedicated team since December 2022. 

Jason and the team provide nothing but loving care for your cherished fur baby!

As you enjoy your well-deserved vacation, you can rest assured that your fur babies are being cared for with absolute love in our fully secure suite. They’ll be treated to high-quality meals, including premium biscuits to graze on throughout the day and night, plus two daily servings of wet food. We also accommodate special dietary needs.

Every suite comes equipped with air conditioning and heating, powered by our new green energy solar system, ensuring a comfortable stay. Our furry guests are also entertained 24/7 by local birds, bandicoots, lizards, and our friendly goats.

Conveniently located just 10 minutes from Perth Airport in Maida Vale, our 2.5-acre property is surrounded by trees and amazing wildlife. Each individual suite offers both indoor and outdoor areas, suitable for a single cat or a family of felines.

You are more than welcome to visit us during our opening hours, without the need for an appointment. Feel free to meet our team, interact with the cats on holiday, inspect the premises, and ask any questions or concerns you may have prior to boarding,

Turning 40 is a big deal, and we are extremely happy to present a fully enclosed, spacious, grassy courtyard for your fur babies to explore and play. The gardens have been redesigned to offer extra shelter from the harsh Australian climate, and our revamped office ensures a pleasant check-in and check-out experience.

We look forward to welcoming you and your fur babies to the newly enhanced Cat’s Holiday Home!

• Open 7 days a week
• Inspections welcome
• Cats Only No Dogs


Accommodation & Facilities

From the 1st of July, we’ll have a price increase from $2 a day

Purr-fect Spaces & Amenities

Welcome to an oasis of comfort and fun for your cats!

Standard Single Rooms

Starting at the highly affordable rate of $21 per day, step into a world of coziness where every kitty gets their own slice of paradise. Each room features both indoor and outdoor enclosures, ensuring a comfortable and personalized space for your furry companion. With air conditioning and heating, your furry friend will be snug as a bug in a rug, no matter the weather outside.

Our suites are designed for ultimate relaxation, though we encourage you to bring along your cat’s favourite comforts from home, whether it’s their beloved bed, a cozy blanket, their favourite toy, or a trusty scratching pole to make them feel right at home.

Standard Double Rooms

Priced affordably at only $29 per day.This standard accommodation is perfect for cat families of two or more, each cozy room comes with its own outdoor enclosure for your furry friends. Our suites ensure absolute comfort with climate control, and you’re welcome to bring along your kitty’s favourite items to ensure they feel cozy and settled.

Premium Garden Suites

Step into a world of feline enchantment with our newest addition: three pristine Garden Suites, each a masterpiece of luxury. These exclusive sanctuaries boast one grand window, welcoming floods of sunlight to illuminate the spacious indoor and outdoor areas, providing ample space for your furry companions to roam and explore.

Nestled within our meticulously landscaped gardens, these suites offer the perfect blend of nature and comfort. Whether lounging in the sun’s warmth, indulging in the cozy confines of air conditioning or heating, or simply frolicking in the expansive outdoor area, every moment is a delight for your cherished pets.

Indulge your furry friends in this unparalleled retreat, with prices starting at just $34 per day for two cats and a small fee of $10 for each additional cat. Treat your beloved companions to a stay they’ll cherish forever.

Extra-Large Garden Suites

Prepare to be enchanted by our stunning new Extra-Large Garden Suites! Featuring two expansive windows to flood the space with natural light, these luxurious sanctuaries boast generous indoor and outdoor areas nestled within our picturesque, landscaped gardens.

Indulge your furry companions in the lap of luxury, where comfort meets nature in perfect harmony. With climate control ensuring optimum comfort, your beloved furbabies are guaranteed a blissful holiday experience like no other.

Penthouse Suite

The epitome of feline opulence. This spacious sanctuary boasts three expansive windows, flooding the suite with abundant natural light and offering breathtaking views of our scenic surroundings.

Nestled amidst the heart of nature, the Penthouse Suite is a haven for your furry friend, attracting lively birds to provide endless entertainment and delight.

Pamper your beloved companions with this unparalleled luxury, with pricing starting at a mere $50 per night for two cats, and a nominal $10 additional charge per extra cat. Treat your cherished companions to a stay they’ll remember forever.

Deluxe Single Room

Where luxury meets tranquillity. Priced at $25 per day, these extra-large, climate-controlled sanctuaries are newly minted, ensuring absolute comfort for your cherished fur baby.

Nestled within our lush, landscaped gardens, these rooms offer a harmonious blend of nature and modern amenities. With spacious indoor and outdoor areas, your furry friend will have plenty of room to stretch out and relax in style.

Regardless of your choice, our accommodations ensure absolute comfort and a breezy, outdoor ambiance. We invite you to reserve an unforgettable getaway in our beautiful sanctuary for your furry friend.

The purr-fect getaway awaits!

Important Notice:

For the safety and comfort of your cats, we require all cats to be transported to and from A Cats Holiday Home in a suitable transport cage. This ensures a secure and stress-free journey for your feline friends.

Health and Diet

To ensure the health and safety of all our holidaying cats, there are a few requirements:

We require all cats to be up to date with F3 or higher.  Please ensure that vaccinations are up to date as a copy of each cat’s current vaccination certificate is required on arrival.

Worming / Fleas
We ask that you ensure each cat’s flea and worm treatment is also up to date.

We would appreciate it if you discuss details of any special requirements or medication that is to be administered at the time of booking.  Please ensure to bring all medications with you so that we are able to administer as per your instructions.

Please note that we do not take in Diabetic cats.

Veterinary Care
In an emergency, we use a mobile vet who is more than happy to come to us on short notice. If your cat has a medical history he will liaise with your cats own vet.  There are also three veterinary practices in the neighbourhood that can be utilised if required

Whilst we provide high-quality food for all our feline guests, we acknowledge that some cats may have sensitive stomachs or been on the same diet for an extended period. Any sudden change can potentially upset their tummy.

If your cat has specific dietary needs, we encourage you to provide their regular food. This ensures they can continue their usual diet during their stay, minimising the risk of digestive discomfort.

Special Requirements

We can cater to most special needs from giving medications to simply just giving a tickle or pat.

Please enquire on booking and we will do our best to accommodate your cat’s needs and wishes.

Please note that we do not take in Diabetic cats.

Stay Connected

While we love cats, we also care about humans.

We understand that you miss your fur babies, and we are more than happy to provide updates via email, including pictures and information about how they are doing.

If you like, we can also upload photos to Instagram, so you can see how your cat is enjoying their stay.

No need to feel guilt or stress while your cat is with us!

Rates & Payment Options

1 cat  (single room) $21.00 per day

2 cats (double room) $29.00 per day

3 cats (double room) $37.00 per day

4 cats (double room) $44.00 per day

Premium (single room) $25 per day

Premium (double room) $34 per day

Garden suites $40 per day (for 2 cats $10 per day additional cats)

Pent house $50 per day (2 cats $10 per day additional cat)

(Minimum charges do apply)


Please contact us for a free quote via our online form.

If you would like to book online, please complete the online booking form below and we will contact you to confirm the dates and details you have requested.

Inspections are welcome.

It is highly recommended to book in advance during school and public holidays and over the easter and christmas periods.


What do I need to bring?

You are welcome to bring any bedding, favorite toy or smelly slipper. If your cat doesn’t have any of these, anything from home with your smell on it will make your cat more comfortable. Cat scratching poles are also welcome.

(If it fits in your car it will fit in the suites.)

What vaccinations are required?

We require all cats to be up to date with F3 or higher.

Can I come and inspect the cattery?

Yes, you are welcome to visit and inspect the cattery during our opening hours.


9AM – 12PM & 5PM – 6PM

8AM – 11AM

4PM – 6PM

Closed on New Year’s Day, Good Friday, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

Do I need to supply my cats food? What do you use?

No, you don’t have to. We provide Advance premium biscuits and Whiskas wet food. However, if your cat is on a veterinary diet or will only eat a specific type of food or meat, we recommend that you bring it with you. We have fridges and freezers on site to store their food if required.

Can you give medications?

Yes, there is no extra charge for this but Please note that we do not take in Diabetic cats.

What if my cat becomes sick during it’s stay?

We use a mobile vet who is more than happy to come to us on short notice. If your cat has a medical history he will liaise with your cats own vet.  There are also three veterinary practices in the neighbourhood that can be utilised if required.

Do you do discounts for long term stays?

Yes, we offer discounts for stays longer than 30 days.


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